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Re: [tor-talk] Super speed Tor

Hi Marcos,

1. Do you run a relay yourself yet?
2. Combination of all of them
3. Current speed is good, in the future it will either get better, stay the same, or get worse, depending on how much the community contributes.


Op 13/10/15 om 19:38 schreef Marcos Eugenio Kehl:
Hello cripto experts!

1. When we will have a super speed Tor? I mean, a HD video streaming from a hidden service.
     When we have around 10 million relays + 10 millions exit nodes? Or Tor will aways be slow as a lame turtle, due to its low latency design and privacy concerns?

2. Is the bandwith my ISP provides me (it is 2 MB), the bandwith of the the middle nodes, or the bandwith of the exit node, that determines my speed under the deep web? Or a combination of all above?

3. Do we have some projection for the Tor speed over the next years?



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