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Re: [tor-talk] Get Tor bridge via python code

On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 02:52:33PM +0330, Farbod Ahmadian wrote:
> Hello every one:
> How can i get tor bridges via a python code?
> I mean i run the python code and it give me my bridges.
> Thank you :)

Hi Farod,

Sadly no, you can not retrieve bridges easily using a python script. The
website (https://bridges.torproject.org) and email
(bridges@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) are the only two available methods. The
reason for this is because if an API were available for this then it would
need to support CAPTCHA-like (proof-of-humanity) functionality, and there
was not an easy way to implement this - nor was there any need because no
one had previously requested it. Without some sort of CAPTCHA it would
be extremely easy for anyone to retrieve all available bridges and then
block their IP addresses - thus making the bridges useless.

- Matt
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