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Re: [tor-talk] I can't use Tor via "obfs3" or other methods.

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> On Wed, 30 Sep 2015 18:12:11 +0000 (UTC)
> Jason Long <hack3rcon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> First, sorry for the thread necromancy. Thought it was worth responding
> too, though, since the OP didn't get much of an answer.
> Second, hello Jason, I have been experimenting with various
> configurations and OBFS3/4 compatibility. I first noticed problems
> connecting to OBFS4 bridges while using Tails on an older ASUS laptop.
> I thought it was an outlier until I found several other laptop models
> that had similar issues with almost identical logs to yours. 
> I still don't know exactly what inhibits a network interface from
> connecting to a bridge but do have some info that might help push the
> issue forward and give you connectivity. Also, as you probably
> inferred, I believe it has to do with the network device the laptop or
> computer is using to connect. 
> "iwlwifi" is a driver that has been part of debian stable for a long
> time, AFAIK. This is the driver that a ton of laptops will assign to
> the network interface. But on most newer lenovo's and some other
> models, a different driver is used and with those laptops, OBFS4 and
> sometimes OBFS3 will never connect. 
> My troubleshooting steps have been as follows:
> - Try connecting to OBFS4
> - Try connecting to OBFS3
> - Try both 3/4 but with only <obfs* {ip_address:port} {fingerprint}>,
>   and not including the cert, etc. 
> - Try using a different interface like a USB wifi device, I've had
>   positive results with most ralink chipsets.
> - Try a direct ethernet connection.
> I thought that the problem had something to do with how tails clones
> are made but now I'm unconvinced this is a problem. If you connect to
> tor via some other setup, these suggestions should help. 
> In most of the configs I've worked on, ethernet has provided me at
> least OBFS3 connectivity. In another case, the user needed to include
> at least 1 OBFS3 bridge and all the bridges would connect and work, but
> if she used all OBFS4, tor directory would never download. 
> Hope this helps.
> three 

Hey three,

Nothing happening at the network interface level should be capable of
affecting the functionality of either obfs3 or obfs4.  It sounds to me like
you might be having some issue with your local router setup, like perhaps a
NAT table messing something up somewhere, based on you statements that using
ethernet had better luck that using wifi.  I can't really imagine any way that
a censor would be able to determine whether you're using ethernet/wifi and
censor your connections differently based upon said information.  (If they can
do this, then something is horribly, horribly wrong with your wifi router!)

Best of luck,
 ââ isis agora lovecruft
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