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[tor-talk] Meek Problems

When I connect to Tor at school without bridges, it works fine.  The issue is that my IT department has a DPI unit that can tell Iâm using Tor, so I tried using Meek.  When Tor starts, it boot straps to 10%, then stops.  When I click Open Settings, it says Tor failed to establish an encrypted directory connection.  Somehow, Meek is being broken by the sensor.  I thought the sensor might be doing a man in the middle on Google, but when I load the web site, I donât get any MITM warnings.  OBFS 3 and 4 and Scramblesuit work just fine, along with regular Tor.  My question to you guys is, what would the filter be doing to break Meek?
The funny thing is that I donât think itâs breaking Meek on purpose.
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