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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Messenger Beta: Chat over Tor, Easily

> Hi,
>> What pros and cons does it have in comparision with TorChat?
> Tor user may use TorChat or the successor Ricochet for chatting. It works
> server-less. TorChat offers file transfer. This feature I'm missing in
> Ricochet and TorMessenger.

You could try OnionShare:


TorChat (which as its developer points out is not connected with the Tor
Project in any way) last saw an update in January 2014, so unless they
presciently solved all possible bugs and exploits with their last
release, you should probably not be using it. As far as I understand,
Ricochet supersedes it entirely apart from the file-transfer aspect.

The use-case of Tor Messenger is different, as you say.

> TorMessenger may be useful to stay anonymous during communication with
> non-Tor users or stay in touch with groups. If your friends offer a XMPP
> contact address or if you want to join IRC, you may use it.
> (only my opinion)
> Karsten N.
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