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[tor-talk] Question Regarding Routing of Network-Traffic using Tor-Browser


I am from Germany and I use the Tor-Browser very often. I think Tor is a great product.

I have a question regarding the connection from my Tor-Browser to the Tor-Network.

I noticed, that Tor tends to always connect to the same Tor-Relays on the internet. I can observe this when I monitor the connections using Netstat on my Linux-machine - even after restart of the Tor-Browser or even after a reboot of the Linux-machine.

So my initial Idea was to delete the "cached*-files" in the /Data/Tor-Directory before each start - but this does not help - Tor always connects basically to the same Tor-Nodes all the time. I think this is probably due to an internal "ranking" in the Tor-Network.

So my question is, wouldÂnt it be better (or more secure) for the End-User, if the Tor-Browser (or the Onion-Router) would change the used Tor-Relays i.e. every 5 minutes. As the Tor-Browser connects to more than one Tor-Relay, this could be staged, Drop Tor-Relay 1 after connection to Tor-Relay 3 has been established i.e.

Are there any plans to enhance the Tor-Network / the Tor-Browser in this direction?

Thank you very much.


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