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Re: [tor-talk] ExcludeExitNodes doesn't take effect at all.

2016-10-17 20:23 GMT+08:00 Geoff Down <geoffdown@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Mon, Oct 17, 2016, at 02:49 AM, Hongyi Zhao wrote:
>> The command for obtaining the ExcludeExitNodes list is as follows:
>> $ curl -s https://collector.torproject.org/recent/exit-lists/ | grep
>> -E -m1 'href=\"[0-9-]+\"' | tr '"' '\n' | grep -E '^[0-9-]+' | xargs
>> -r -I{} curl -s https://collector.torproject.org/recent/exit-lists/{}
>> | grep -Po '(\d+\.){3}\d+' | paste -sd,
> It looks like you are extracting the IP addresses. It should be the
> fingerprints.

But, from the in-place manual page of tor, I can find the following description:

|       ExcludeExitNodes node,node,...
|           A list of identity fingerprints, country codes, and address
|           patterns of nodes to never use when picking an exit node---that is,
|           a node that delivers traffic for you outside the Tor network. Note
|           that any node listed in ExcludeNodes is automatically considered to
|           be part of this list too. See the ExcludeNodes option for more
|           information on how to specify nodes. See also the caveats on the
|           "ExitNodes" option below.

As you can see, all of the fingerprints, country codes, and address
patterns can be acceptable for using as ExcludeExitNodes.  Why you say
that: "It should be the fingerprints."?

As a result, I still cann't figure out what's the reason for my
original issue posted in this thread.


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