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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser, always same Entry node

I think thats expected on new versions of Tor, if there are bad Guards spying on people, getting stuck on the same relay minimizes the propability of being spied, otherwise you are changing Guards many often and you can get a bad Guard sooner...

Other thing is when Tor browser select all nodes from the same country... thats really bad because some countries have bulk data interception and correlation, so users with this circuits get deanonymized.

I suggest putting a new option on Tor menu settings: "Never allow all nodes to be from the same country".

El 18/10/2016 a las 13:08, Petrusko escribió:

This is some days ago I'm watching the Tor circuit the browser is using
to achieve a website, with the Tor button showing the Entry - Relay - Exit

I don't remember when I've really start, but it's always the same Entry
node IP the TBrowser is using.
On another computer, same thing... After re-downloaded a fresh TB,
another new Entry IP came, but stays too since some days ago.

Clicking "New Identity" only change the Middle + Exit node, not the
Entry IP...

Am I alone to always stay on the same Entry node ?
TBrowser has to always change the circuits to preserve anonymity and
make hard to follow a customer ?

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