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[tor-talk] Leaks Via Tor Now Directly Part Of Political Process

To the extent that any leaking, sunshine, analysis, media
and communication regarding governments occurs over the
Tor network, such as via SecureDrop, Ricochet, Elgg, etc...
We now have presidential candidates publicly and explicitly
naming and quoting Wikileaks [1] in a relatively positive light
(even if not yet similarly referencing and understanding Tor
[though their staffers might]). Example...


Though this ventures into mechanics of politics, I think it's
deeply relavent to some of the many reasons anonymous
overlay networks and crypto exist (not limited to Tor), why
people contribute to them, why they need to succeed.

[1] There are probably better videos of presidential candidates
referencing wikileaks far more in depth and at length than
these (hopefully including mentions to nets and crypto), they
just popped as examples in one of many feeds such as...
...so if you see any examples of them (even congress candidates)
referencing or discussing any type of communications network
like Tor, Signal, Tox etc, or crypto, whether by name or by context,
in any light... please post it.
(No, the iPhone crypto FBI thing doesn't count.)

For example, as opposed to the US, a number of Euro
office seekers already talk about nets and crypto long ago.
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