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Re: [tor-talk] Tor is released

Nick Mathewson wrote:
Hi, all!  There is a new alpha release of the Tor source code, with
fixes for a security bug. You should probably upgrade as packages
become available.

I am having trouble compiling this version. I get the WLogical-op warning and "logical '&&' with non-zero constant will always evaluate as true" error message.

The "offending" file is util.c:643, util.c:1397 and util.c4730.

Quick look at ./configure and Google search tells me to use "tor_cv_cflags_Wlogical_op=no", and if I use that all is well (compiles OK, haven't run this yet), but I am not sure whether that's right.

My compiler is pretty old (GCC 4.4.5-2), so that might be what is causing this issue.

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