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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and forward email to Spam folder.

Thx for this.

But sometimes, mail servers (are checking if the sender domain name = IP
? to prevent spam ?
May be I'm wrong, not an expert ;)

I see on mine bad guyz trying to send mails from a domain name not equal
to the IP from it's sent... is it "reading" the header informations to
make it possible ?

Aeris :
> This is why on my personal SMTP server, any client informations are dropped or 
> anonymized.
> 	/^\s*(Received: from)[^\n]*(.*)/ REPLACE $1 [] (localhost 
> [])$2
> 	/^\s*User-Agent:/        IGNORE
> 	/^\s*X-Enigmail:/        IGNORE
> 	/^\s*X-Mailer:/          IGNORE
> 	/^\s*X-Originating-IP:/  IGNORE


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