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[tor-talk] New alpha tor release: tor-


Alex Færøy, Nick Mathewson, and I have just released a new alpha:
 |   Tor is the second release in the 0.3.2 series. This
 |   release fixes several minor bugs in the new scheduler and next-
 |   generation onion services; both features were newly added in the 0.3.2
 |   series. Other fixes in this alpha include several fixes for non-fatal
 |   tracebacks which would appear in logs.
 |   With the aim to stabilise the 0.3.2 series by 15 December 2017, this
 |   alpha does not contain any substantial new features. Minor features
 |   include better testing and logging.

You may find the source tarball [0] and its signature [1] on our
distribution server, and a blog post announcing it. [2]

[0]: https://dist.torproject.org/tor-
[1]: https://dist.torproject.org/tor-
[2]: https://blog.torproject.org/tor-0322-alpha-released

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