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[tor-talk] noise traffic generator?


there is some interesting project called Noiszy: https://noiszy.com/

It generates fake traffic. It is more "artists" project that real
countermeasure, but I am thinking to implement something like this on my
network with several machines inside.

However, the main problem is that Noiszy works too random, and is not
"walking" in websites enough time and enough consistent to give an
impression someone is really browsing something.

For instance, if Noisy just opens a few random sites, this is much
different than if someone will be clicking on some website for some
amount of time, then got to Youtube and watch a couple of movies, than
move on, etc.

So what I am looking for?

1. Something that could be run from bash.

2. Something that would simulate real user, like someone reading news,
someone watching porn, someone browsing Github, etc... Rather that
something generating "accidental clicks" on random websites.

3. This software should have the ability to limit its bandwidth.

Is there any such a software? Can you suggest me something like this?


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