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Re: [tor-talk] Tor in Russia, blocked from Nov 1st?

On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 11:16:45PM +0300, xxx wrote:
> Seems that TOR will be blocked from Nov 1st in Russia. Any info on
> this? In such a case, will it be possible to use Tor through "bridges"?

Please, s/TOR/Tor/ ;-)

Also, there is an interesting point regarding blocking Tor in Russia
legally. As far as I understand, some entity representing tor network
should get an official letter from Russian government regarding
providing services to Russian users and requirement to implement
filtering in the network.

As far as I understand (I'm not a lawyer), it's impossible to ban the
service _legally_ without delivering alike letter. Legal definition of
letter "delivery" is also somewhat tricky as tor network is operated by
relay operators, not by The Tor Project Inc. Asking The Tor Project Inc
(non-profit doing software development) is like asking firmware vendors
(Linux kernel? Cisco and Huawei? I don't know the right analogy) to
implement Russian blocklist in their firmware instead of asking Russian
ISPs to comply.

I'm unsure if there is such a thing as "entity representing tor
network". I can't even imagine anything better than public mailing list
of relay operators (tor-relays@ is declared as support, not a NOG,
network operator group) that's also questionable destination for alike

Anyway, it looks like an interesting case from legal standpoint, it
would be interesting news source if some Russian lawyer takes it.

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