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Re: [tor-talk] if browser remembers URLs visited before shutdown even during Never Remember History

On 10/05/2018 05:19 PM, Nick Levinson wrote:
> This replies to a September 26 post with the same title.


> It took some effort to find the bug in FF, it took some more effort
> to convince people at FF that data is persistently stored, and a FF
> derivative is being used in Tor, so I would not be surprised if no
> one reported the bug at Tor before my question last month. The
> discussion at FF was going on for years. So the open question for> Tor is not whether it's unreported but whether Tor behaves
> differently, and you and I have narrowed it down to the difference
> between design and behavior at shutdown time and similar times. If
> you or someone else knows the answer to that question, please post
> accordingly.

This is the use case for Tails. It's a Debian live system with Tor
browser etc. So everything runs in RAM. And there are no writes to
storage, unless users configure encrypted USB storage. If you like, you
can run in a diskless machine. At shutdown, it explicitly wipes RAM, so
no traces remain. In case of a hard shutdown, data would remain in RAM
for a while, but would be gone within hours at most.

I'm not qualified to have opinions about other issues that you raise.

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