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[tor-talk] if browser remembers URLs visited before shutdown even during Never Remember History

I think of how people actually use a product, which is usually not with all recommendations applied. There's good reason for using Tor even with an ordinary OS and Tor Project supports use with Windows and MacOS as well as Linux and Android, with Linux not limited to Tails (https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en) or Whonix. I use Linux. I want an OS that runs on my hard drive so I can set/modify it more easily and I'm not sure abouot using an OS within an OS for a rare purpose. Probably many users add Tor to their existing OS for some of the benefits of Tor.

> [T]his . . . [i]s . . . about Tor browser, which is just (heavily) modified Firefox.
Exactly why the focus here.
> I'm guessing that it's impossible to guarantee what some code will or won't leave behind when it crashes.
I guess we can call it a crash but it looks like a normal shutdown. Shutdown normally limits time available to an app for self-clean-up. So, data persists.
It'll be good enough to correct the UI so it reflects what the program does. So, if Tor on most OSes keeps data, the UI should not say Never Remember History. Maybe it should say Never Remember New History. That's what Firefox needs and apparently Tor has the same relevant architecture so probably that's what Tor needs, too.
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