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Re: [tor-talk] Torify deja-dup

> Thank you, that sounds good.
> But for now I am looking for something lighter and simpler.
> Any other solution?


I've been testing pretty much all the backup solutions available on
Linux to find a good match for Tails (so far in vain):


I found both the interface and the backend of Deja Dup too limiting for
our use case (for example, it forces full copies every now and then,
which can be really tough when working over Tor).

For my personal backups I ended up using borgbackup which has a much
much better backend but no graphical interface. Though, if you can
handle a couple of command lines, I didn't find it complicated and I
think it's really worth it over Deja Dup. To connect to onion services
from Tails I'm using:

SOCKS_SERVER= borg create two@$HOST.onion

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