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Re: (FWD) Tor, Socks bind, and BitTorrent

I have it working at the moment by proxying the tracker traffic (currently
defaulting to SOCKS V5 due to Java doing the proxying for us) and outbound
peer-to-peer traffic (via SOCKS 4a lashed up by myself). Of course, if
eveyone relies on outbound only then things don't work, so this approach
will only help if a small percentage of peers are taking it.

The idea of a hidden tracker sounds interesting, I'll investigate further.

Are there plans for a Java version of your software? SSL is "built in", as
are a lot of other security functions, so it may be fairly straight forward
to implement.

Do you think you could ever scale to carry BT traffic?


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Subject: Re: (FWD) Tor, Socks bind, and BitTorrent

> On Sep 29, 2004, at 3:26 PM, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> >
> > How do clients interact with the Tracker in BT -- do they connect once
> > and keep talking periodically, or do they connect every so often, talk
> > a bit, and disconnect?
> Since the tracker protocol is just HTTP, it's the latter.
> > b) Each user runs behind a hidden service.
> This isn't strictly necessary, since BT peers don't *have* to accept
> incoming connections at all. A peer that only makes outgoing
> connections can still participate in the BT swarm, and that model
> should work with Tor easily.
> This leaves the problem that the peers who *do* listen for connections
> are exposed.
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