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RE: (FWD) port 587

Gmail uses 25, 465 and 587 for SMTP, but since almost all isps block 25, 465
is the preferred SMTP with SSL for gmail, and 587 is the preferred SMTP with
TLS port (at least their help pages show 465 being used for outlook, which
doesn't support TLS, and 587 for netscape, which does support TLS.  I see no
reason to block those ports on my tor server, as pretty much every SMTP
server that uses these alternate ports requires authentication for SMTP,
which makes it difficult for someone to relay a load of spam through...

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Anybody know the answer here?

(The first answer is "probably not everybody will block it, so
I doubt it will go away entirely in any case.")


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as a non-technical but paranoid Internet user, will the blocking of port
587 mess up Gmail? 587 is Gmail's SMTP port?

Chris Wetmore
Whereabouts Unknown :)

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