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onion wiki(pedia) humor: defacement kills WikiConstitution

sorry in advance for interjecting humor.  here is an example of a wiki
that died from its own democratic ideals:

From this week's Onion:

Congress Abandons WikiConstitution

September 28, 2005 | Issue 41â39 

WASHINGTON, DCâCongress scrapped the open-source, open-edit, online
version of the Constitution Monday, only two months after it went live.
"The idea seemed to dovetail perfectly with our tradition of democratic
participation," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said. "But when so-
called 'contributors' began loading it down with profanity, pornography,
ASCII art, and mandatory-assault-rifle-ownership amendments, we thought
it might be best to cancel the project." Congress intends to restore the
Constitution to its pre-Wiki format as soon as an unadulterated copy of
the document can be found.

(peter p.: feel free to reply with an impolite statement of mailing list
protocol.  just teasing! =)

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