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Re: confiscating middleman-tor-nodes


mine (stasiServer) has also gone away yesterday.
The public prosecutors authority told me it has to do with child pornography 
Look like some pervert have used tor to get some CP. :(
He also told me on the phone that they are hunting for traces.

I have to write a letter to public prosecutors authority to get more 
information about what is going on and why. He will answer on monday.
I don't know how this normally happens, but should't they inform me that they 
took my server hostet at Strato? 

Big shit :( 

Maybe this is the beginning of some kind of anti TOR war because police cannot 
find "terrorists" which are using TOR. But to make TOR more evil in the 
public they start saying that perverts are using TOR to get CP.
Just my 2 euro cents...