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Re: Want a faster Tor? Upgrade, inform others

On 9/1/07, Mike Perry <mikeperry@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For those of you who are not subscribed to or-announce and/or have
friends who use Tor, the latest Tor stable should provide significant
performance/capacity increase once most clients upgrade. According to
my measurements with TorFlow, there should be roughly four times as
much capacity once the network rebalances.

In addition, many users should experience noticable improvement in
performance just based on the fact that we are choosing guards
in proportion to their bandwidth and expiring guards that were
selected with the buggy uniform algorithm.

Also, once the network is balanced, we can begin to investigate both
reliability scanning options and Johannes Renner can finish his
Master's Thesis on performance enhanced path selection. :)


Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

Thank You Mike for your research and hard work on making Tor faster.  We appreciate it.

I noticed the performance gain from the very first time I used the new release, and continue experiencing faster connections.  I was able to download a 30MB file the other night at a rate of 250KB/sec consistently throughout the entire download.

We updated Tor in JanusVM and will be releasing a new version soon. 

best regards,
Kyle Williams