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Re: tor server died after only a few hours

     I wrote:
>     I switched from to this morning.  About 5 hrs. 20-odd
>minutes later, tor wrote the following message to the notice log and exited:
>Sep 04 14:06:29.140 [err] connection.c:2387: assert_connection_ok: Assertion connection_is_writing(conn) || conn->wants_to_write || (conn->type == CONN_TYPE_DIR && TO_DIR_CONN(conn)->is_blocked_on_or_conn) failed; aborting.
>Does anyone know what caused this?  I can still switch back to if
>need be.

     It just did it again after being up only a few minutes.  I've now reverted
to and will stay with that until the next release comes out.  Sigh.

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