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Re: Setting up private Tor network with the real one

Thanks for the reply.

So, there is no way for me to build a circuit where I have two
completely different directory servers? Even if I change the source



On 9/7/07, Michael_google gmail_Gersten <keybounce@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In general, you can't, and don't want, different directory servers
> telling you about different nodes. Imagine what would happen if one
> directory server was compromised, and told you about a set of attacker
> nodes.
> Now, one place where this setup becomes interesting is if you have a
> separate network -- either the corporate internet, or some variation
> of IP V8 (maybe a very large ISP, like China, decides to use their own
> network numbering with a translating boarder). Then, you could have
> two sets of directory authorities, for two sets of destination IP
> ranges -- one set of directory authorities for these IP's, and a
> different one for those IP's. Then, you might wind up building two
> tunnels, one to get to the gateway, and a second to traverse the
> second network on the other side.