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Re: Filtering traffic from your node - for exit points

	At one of the earliest Onion Routing briefings to the original
research sponsors, a Navy captain (I'm fairly certain it was a
captain, but it's been 10+ years) pointed out that Onion Routing could
be used by 10 year old boys to surf porn without their parents
knowing.  My response was to say, "It's not my job, nor is it the
system's job, to be the police... that's what parents are for in this
situation... besides, in a world where this system provides better
security the more traffic that is poured over it, having a bunch of
horny 10 year old boys out there isn't necessary a bug, it might be a
feature :)" That got quite a laugh and it was the last time a sponsor
asked anything like that :)

	Having said that, there is a big difference between blocking a
class of traffic (IE a port) and blocking specific traffic due to
content...Of course, that's just my $0.02


On Mon, 10 Sep 2007, Kyle Williams wrote:
|> Because there was so much porn, nasty porn at that, I decided to shutdown my
|> exit node.  I for one welcome the idea of filtering out porn on my exit
|> node.  I'm paying for my connection, not Tor users, so as far as I am
|> concerned, I have the right to say what goes into and out of my node.  IF
|> you disagree, then take a look at your torrc file, and if you are blocking
|> ANY port and not allowing ALL traffic to leave your node, then you too are
|> filtering traffic.