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Re: Filtering traffic from your node - for exit points

jeffery statin <jeffstatin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What is the nic or key of your exit node? I'd like to
put it in my excludenodes list.
Don't worry. It has been taken offline after I've tested that the setup I've described does work. It seems to me that it will be offline permanently from now on.
Personally, I'd prefer that you do not run an exit
node while acting as prosecutor, judge and executioner
for download/upload of perfectly legal files such as:
Come on. You're being childish now. I am just filtering out content that may be illegal under my jurisdiction.
(a) .rar file; report on human rights abuses
Quite honestly, it's been ages since I've seen a .rar file being used for something else than warez.
(b) .mpeg file; video about the Dali Lama (re: China)
(c) .iso file; image of a Tor configured liveCD
You have a point with those two. Due to what is on the line here, I'd still prefer to err on the too-much-filtering side.
If your so concerned about what your node is passing
then run an entry, middle-man or bridge node, not an
exit node.
I am, and I will put your advice into use by not running a tor node any longer. I do suggest that this bit is put into the FAQ then.
And again, who are you to decide what is legal for all
persons living in many different countries? What is
illegal in one country may be legal in another
country. For example, in many countries cannabis is
illegal yet in other countries cannabis perfectly
legal and is used as a medicine.
Well. I am just someone whose fingerprints will be on the gun, if the fit hits the shan. I don't know about where you live, but over here it can prove rather cumbersome to prove your innocence once the police busts in and takes out your equipment. You have to realize, that we're not living in a tor-governed universe, but rather each of us in his own country with it's own set of rules.

If tor wants to do something for the operators give them the ability to filter out traffic they don't want (via a plugin) and reroute the outgoing connection via a node in a country where the material in question is legal.
In summation: I agree with your motivation but not
your rationalization or execution. There are going to
be bad apples in each bunch; always have been and
always will be.
Well. Going in line with the premise that all information should be free I've decided to post here the solution that can be applied - and as said in the first mail, each operator can decide for himself whether he will apply it or not. At least the "tor can't be filtered" dogma is out of the way.


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