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Re: What do you think about this exit policy for germany?

> Last not least: how great, do you think, is the danger of
supporting spammers
> when setting up my node for 465,993,995?

The SSL-encrypted SMTP-ports are using SMTP-Auth (mostly). The
support of spammer is very low (in my opinion).

By the way, I have the same problems like you since Nov.2006
(trouble with the german BKA because of childporn, trouble with my
ISP). Half a year ago I switched to middleman but it did not help. I
run into a telecommunication surveillance and became a terrorist or
something like that.

You have read the Heise-News about bad exit nodes (controlled
governments and others):

I think, a middleman node is not a solution for our problems. May
be, we are listed in a database and the listing is not deleted after
switching to middleman. May be, a bad exit feature out the next

My recommendation: Try to find a strong, TOR-friendly organisation
for your nodes. You manage the nodes and the organisation takes the
liability (jurisitische Verantwortung).