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Re: Tor DIRs changed?

On Sun, Sep 16, 2007 at 10:01:19AM -0700, Mr. Blue
> These URLs had listed tor nodes:
> http://belegost.mit.edu/tor/
> http://tor.noreply.org/tor/
> http://moria.mit.edu:9031/tor/
> Now 1st and third are timing out and second is not
> giving list of nodes, but some very short info!

There are 5 directory authorities.

The first and third you listed above moved in May:
(Roger needed to relocate the computer.)

The reason that none of these are giving you a list of
nodes by
requesting the url "Tor" is that you're using an
obsolete format:,

Nick Mathewson


Ok I see,
I've retreived:

In PHP, I see just some giberish data.
I've tried to base64_decode it, but nada.

Opening it in Notepad++ gives a clear list of nodes.

What is that format?
So I could see it clearly  in a string in PHP too?

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