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Tor consuming much CPU & RAM (?)

Hi, i sadly have to tell you that I have to limit my server "morphium" to following:

BandwidthRate 1000 KB
BandwidthBurst 1500 KB

But: Its not due to bandwith. If i increase that values, the server load raises above 1, from now 0.1 or something.
I have an Intel Pentium 4 3.20GHz and 2 gigabytes of ram, so I don't understand why tor is so bad for my load.

If this is a Bug, I would be glad to get an update :)

If this is known (because tor needs the time for the crypto things) its okey, but i hope you understand that this slows down the network. I think there are many "older" machines, with much bandwith, but if the CPU cant handle the requests, tor is loosing bandwith.

Best regards,