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Re: A Tor Typo

On Sun, Sep 16, 2007 at 02:11:56PM -0700, Andrew Del Vecchio wrote:

> Color me an anal-retentive English language nazi, but the phrase "Tor
> is not an HTTP proxy..." that appears when you try to run a web
> browser or other program via HTTP should read: "Tor is not a HTTP
> proxy". Correct English grammar dictates that it's the first LETTER in
> a word that matters, not the first SOUND. In HTTP, the article should
> thus be "a" and not "an".

Colour me an anally-retentive English language Nazi of the British
variety, but even if it is the first letter in a word that matters, then
the correct article is still "an", in the style of "an hotel" and all
other words that begin with the letter "h".

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