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Re: Load Balancing

On 9/21/07, Arrakis <arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey guys, quick question.
> If I have Tor process running, and request a url that has 10 images to
> load from the same domain, do all the requests go through the same
> circuit, or does the tor process split up the requests across all the
> circuits?

Interesting question. From what I understood a new circuit is created
for every TCP-connection. If your browser grabs, for instance, 6
images at the same time (6 loading instances == connections), Tor
should open 6 different circuits.

However, considering your question... It doesn't sound too efficient
to me... The slides say "If the user wants to access a different site,
Alice's Tor client selects a different path."
I'm curious how strict I should read that...

Site vs. TCP-connections?


> Regards,
> Steve

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