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Re: Warning TorButton 1.1.7-alfa


On Sun, 23 Sep 2007, force44@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I upgraded to 1.1.7-alfa yesterday and saw that it is really a crap :(
maybe you didn't realize that this is release is _alpha_ quality?

> I used to manage my cookies, javacsript and history, MYSELF. Now trobutton wants to do all by itself, and the result is that:
> 1- My history isn't cleared when I close Firefox, even when this option is selected in the Firefox options.
> 2- Some websites that use javascript do not work with Tor. It is possible that I TRUST the CONTENT of a website, including scripts, BUT I want to use TOR to hide my IP. With torbutton this is a real hassle now.
> Will try to go back to an older version if it is still available online :((((( Torbutton is a GREAT extension but WHY hell does the author want to care of all together??? Maybe he should also include Firefox in the extension, and why not, Windows or a unix distribution??? really BAD now :((((

So all your above points are against:
	- websites which use javascript
	- firefox

Are there any On-Topic things so say about Tor?

Florian Reitmeir