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Re: [Polipo-users] Testing Polipo on Windows

[CC-ing or-talk, in case somebody there has already heard about this
Windows thing]

>> 1. I'm seriously thinking about removing the native Windows code,
>> unless I find a maintainer.

> That worries me a bit,

It's not like Polipo development breaks things daily.  If the Mingw
code starts rotting, you'll get plenty of advance notice (months).
For now, I'm simply doing my best not to break anything, but not
actively testing under Windows.

But it does make me uneasy to have this blob of code in Polipo which
I'm not able to maintain.  Unless this changes, I am unwilling to
commit to anything.

> it's part of Hv3's plan for world domination.

World domination is my plan.  Please pick a different one.

> And I can test it informally as part of Hv3 a bit.

I think that would be more effective if Hv3 used a pristine copy of
Polipo rather than a local copy, and tracked the head branch
regularly -- this would make you notice faster if anything broke.

Of course, if there were one or two Windows users willing to check
every release candidate for Windows-specific regressions, that would
do a lot to make me more comfortable.

> However I'm a bit limited in what I can do. All I have at present is the 
> mingw compiler and windows-xp under vmware.

It looks like we're all struggling to support an obsolete OS that none
of us use any longer.  It reminds me a little of the ``#ifdef VMS''
fetish we used to have in the nineties.