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Clone nodes

What would be the implication of running multiple copies of tor with
identical configuration and duplicated private key data on a single
IP:PORT with a TCP connection based load-balancer in front of them?
To the outside world it would look like a single host/node.

Would it break the Tor network?

I've configured this on a private testing tor network and it appears
to work without problems, but it is a huge pain to build a fake tor
network big enough to do real testing.  I don't want to connect my
clone nodes to the public network if there is a risk of causing
breakage. ;)

The reasons I am interested in doing this are largely external to tor,
although if it works without trouble it could be used to scale a tor
node in the fortuitous event that there was ever enough traffic at one
point to justify it (i.e. an exit enclave running on a popular site).