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Re: dns_cancel_pending_resolve() message

On Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 12:32:43AM -0500, bennett@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 4.8K bytes in 87 lines about:

I can confidently state that arguing about mailing list etiquette
is a futile pursuit.  As someone who lived through "The Day" when AOLers
were given usenet access in 1994, I understand the breaking of
etiquette.  However, arguing about etiquette shouldn't take priority
over helping others on or-talk.

As someone who lives in the world of unicode by day, stating that
everyone should use ascii seems archaic to me.  Using plaintext over
html or rich text, great; we agree on this point.

Tor is used, supported, and maintained by an international group of
volunteers.  They don't always converse in English, nor do a subset even
know how to do so.  I know from working with Farsi speakers, their
English is far superior to my Farsi.  I make horribly offensive mistakes
when trying to converse in Farsi; the recipients merely correct or
switch to English in order to converse.  Trying to make non-native
English speakers understand fairly esoteric etiquette rules is
difficult.  A little understanding about different customs is all that
is needed.  I'm willing to forgive mistakes so long as the signal far
exceeds the noise.