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[ANNOUNCE] Incognito CD/USB 20070824.2 released

The Incognito CD allows you to anonymously use the Internet almost anywhere 
you go. Incognito is a CD you can boot that has several Internet applications 
(Firefox, IRC, Mail, etc) pre-configured to use Tor. For most computers 
everything is automatically configured and you're ready to go. You can even 
copy the CD to a USB drive.


Download locations:


    * Full version CD may be run in a virtual PC. For computers that do not 
allow booting from media this allows Incognito to run on a Windows x86 
platform. Note that keystroke recorders may still be able to capture what you 
    * Update script that copies to a USB drive to optionally format the drive. 
    * On tiny changed back from dhcp to dhcpcd as it is more robust and some 
cards drop link status after the initial IP address. Full needs to use dhcp 
because that is what NetworkManager requires
    * Add video driver fall back to VESA for video cards that are not 
supported by a card specific driver.
    * Use cookie authentication with Tor (more secure). Vidalia works again.
    * Added paranoid settings for the NoScript and CookieSafe Firefox 
    * Clean up task bar and background.
    * Upgrade mixminion to 0.0.8 alpha3.
    * Upgrade Firefox to
    * Upgrade NoScript Firefox extension to
    * Upgrade TorK to 0.20.

Pat Double, pat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Ye must be born again." - John 3:7

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