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sequence of reachability testing for DirPort and ORPort

     When tor first starts up as a relay server and directory mirror on my
machine, it shows success for DirPort first and then for ORPort.  Upon
finding ORPort reachable, it publishes the server descriptor.
     But when a change of IP address is detected and tor checks again for
reachability, it shows success for ORPort first, publishes a descriptor
showing DirPort as 0, and then shows success for DirPort, but does not
publish an updated descriptor showing a non-zero DirPort.
     My questions are:

	1) why does the order of reachability completion differ between
	   the two situations?

	2) when DirPort is found to be reachable after ORPort, why is
	   an updated descriptor showing the value of DirPort not
	   immediately published?

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