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Re: Tor On Private Network

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> I am trying to run Tor on an internal network and I seem to be having a
> problem with the Directory Server.  The Directory Server starts up but I
> am seeing the following message in notices.log:
> Sep 02 20:44:28.840 [notice] While fetching directory info, no running
> dirservers known. Will try again later. (purpose 14)
> Any idea what that means?

A fine question. Your config looks sane, but I'm running into the same
problem. I'm sure we could figure that out, but you should rather
consider running the v3 directory protocol instead of v2. At least I can
tell that it's working with a v3 directory authority.

You'll find more information about running a private network with a v3
directory authority here:



And at some point there will also be an update to the FAQ entry...

As an example, this is a torrc for a private Tor network with three v3
directory authorities (you can leave out some of the options):

DataDirectory .
SafeLogging 0
UseEntryGuards 0
Log info stdout
Log info file log
ControlPort 4324
SocksPort 4325
ContactInfo wont@xxxxxxxxx
HidServDirectoryV2 1
ORPort 4326
Nickname dir1
DirPort 4327
AuthoritativeDirectory 1
V2AuthoritativeDirectory 1
V3AuthoritativeDirectory 1
DirAllowPrivateAddresses 1
MinUptimeHidServDirectoryV2 0 minutes
TestingTorNetwork 1
DirServer dir3 v3ident=09C9ADB5E47D2536C17FB91AE7A43B1B215A624E
orport=4334 49A7 4E44 B7EC A22C 72CC B5E2 EAEB 6CDB 529A 2B2A
DirServer dir1 v3ident=588CC7268BEC4224E913F5E723059B694494C42C
orport=4326 62C0 0C87 1C55 6726 AB9E BAA7 9316 519C 4A3F 7B7D
DirServer dir2 v3ident=B66E944D985D9D3F6AC77D2B4CC44E2CF249A6E4
orport=4330 ABAD 3F46 5EAA 7A97 AD29 D42B 53E7 EE77 1939 F943

> Also, should I set the Directory Server's
> "DirServer" to point to itself or do I need to run mulitple Dir Servers
> and point them to each other?

It should be sufficient to run a single directory server pointing to
itself (all the other nodes in the network need to point to it, too).

Hope that helps,
- --Karsten
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