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Re: invitation to directory server operators

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Is there a work-around for the default AccountingMax behavior, which is to disable dirport advertising? I have AccountingMax enabled so I know exactly how much tor bandwidth I'm donating per day, but it would be nice if there was a way to put limits on OR and Dir separately, so I could serve both until bandwidth runs out. I think the ideal situation would be a way to both set hard limits, or relative limits (ie, 90% OR/10% Dir or 9GB OR/1GB Dir).


Scott Bennett wrote:
| file.
| ## The following line enables hidden service directory mirroring.
| HidServDirectoryV2 1
| (Or skip the comment line, and just add the second line, as you please.)
| Then tell your tor server to reload its torrc file.  Within 24 - 25 hours
| your server will begin operating as a tor hidden services directory server.
| You probably won't even notice the difference in traffic loads on your tor
| server.
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