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Re: HSDir and DirPort

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 06:07:00AM -0500, bennett@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 1.7K bytes in 26 lines about:
: information.  I noticed that by yesterday morning, phobos had already proven
: my statement false.  His server, nicknamed phobos as well, suddenly showed up
: on the torstatus page with the peculiar little icon reserved for HSDir servers,
: but no directory server icon and no DirPort listed.

Leave it to me to find the impossible condition. ;)  My dirport is
enabled in my torrc, however because I used AccountingMax, Tor
automatically disables the dirport on start.  I can be a HSDir because DirPort
is configured in torrc.  

I suspect this is really a bug where we should disable
HSDir if DirPort isn't active, regardless of configuration status.

I mainly configured it as such because it's fun to find out the emergent
properties of a system.