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Re: Proposed student project

Kyle Williams wrote:

I've been working on a 400MHz StrongARM XScale PXA255 CPU, 16MB of Flash storage, and 64MB of RAM, and 2 x 100Mbps Ethernet ports.
That's a nice small platform, but you might also want to have a look at systems based on VIA processors (C3, C7, or the new Nano), that have embedded HW crypto acceleration. I'm not sure about prices, but I think it could be in the same range as the GumStix.

I had 20 mbps onion routing (2 decryption + 1 encryption) performance from a 1Ghz C3. It could almost keep up with a P4 on that. I know this is not the current speed in Tor ORs, still it might be interesting for the long term.

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