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hijacking DNS server


finally gotten around to try getting Tor (nonbundle) up on a sacrificial
G4 Mac Mini (Leopard).

Unfortunately my crappy ISP does DNS hijacking:

Sep 22 17:18:25.266 [notice] Your DNS provider gave an answer for "2vc5wruir", which is not supposed to exist.  Apparently they are hijacking DNS failures. Trying to correct for this.  We've noticed 1 possibly bad addresses so far.

Tor apparently tries a workaround, but I've been fed up with the
ISP's shenanigans for some time already, so I'd like to fix it for all.
Unfortunately, I don't have a low-power Linux box for bind, so it
has to be OS X for the moment.

Is there a simple way to enable BIND on Leopard (not Server), or would
I have to splurge $15 for the DNS Enabler?


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