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Attempting to connect to nodes in bogon space

My tor middle node ( tries to connect to some bogon IP
addresses and I was wondering why it does that.

Bogons in my firewall log:

According to the IANA, the IP addresses above are all bogons:

Prefix  Designation  Status
-----   ------       ----------
001/8   IANA         UNALLOCATED
005/8   IANA         UNALLOCATED
023/8   IANA         UNALLOCATED
036/8   IANA         UNALLOCATED
037/8   IANA         UNALLOCATED
103/8   IANA         UNALLOCATED
(note that bogon space is much bigger than the few lines I did put here)

Lots of entries from bogon space are listed in the directory. Maybe the
directory should be cleaned up?

Here's an IP address that's also in my firewall log:
r Unnamed H6J0l5pqLdXGRF3TRtwObv58BQ8 UThYzaccGtpl3tnbfiAkqwZeLXA
2008-09-22 10:15:32 9001 0
s Valid
opt v Tor

The other IP addresses in the firewall log aren't listed in the current
directory, but maybe they were recently removed?