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Re: How I Learned to Stop Ph34ring NSA and Love the Base Rate Fallacy

Dear Raccoon,

Am 28.09.2008 um 14:27 schrieb The23rd Raccoon:

[2]. http://www.stinkymeat.net/

thanks for that reference. Great!

As for your article: as far as I can tell the calculations seem to be valid, but I wonder, why others didn't address this in their timing attack work before.

One question: You assume 250,000 users and 5000 concurrent connections, so one connection per 50 users? Is this realistic? I know, that most of the time a user is idle, but still this seems to low to me, since once the user becomes active he will open several concurrent connections (like for opening a website). And why do you assume the number of users at all, I don't see a reference to it in your calculations.