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Re: Gmail

> someone should set up a gmail invite spooler on a hidden service.

There was a disposable user/pass list for various sites on one of the onions
which would be good for this. Don't remember where.

> check your sent folder for the invite code with a bogus dest.

Sure. Just know that that code still ties back to your account.

> They require SMS confirmation for invites too :(


> they prompted me for my address and cell phone number for "Security
> reason incase I forget my password."

Whaaaat? Sigh. And why must sites coddle users. None of my services
have PW recovery.
Write the damn thing down or stash it in a file.

> Gee, I wonder how people e-mailed before Google created GMail

Well, gmail just happens to be maybe the largest free mail provider
that doesn't regularly disappear your mail. And it supports
https/pop3s/imaps. I suppose people could list providers
that do that. Yahoo certainly doesn't cut it.

If they want to manage spam, skip the SMS and put something
like DSPAM, etc on both the inbound and outbound mail stream.