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Re: "I Write Mass Surveillance Software"

The IXP2800 can do line-rate 10gbps

Here's one more link that explains the IXP series architecture


(basically, all the OP on Rededit was saying, was he's the guy that writes the microengine code) .. the processors themselves aren't capable of realtime brute-force decryption ... but they are the sort of thing that can look for signatures/keywords/etc in a stream and act upon it at wire-speed.

As for breaking encryption, this would be a task better suited for a large farm of purpose-programmed FPGAs, since I'm not aware of any commercially-produced ASIC that does this (although the NSA does list jobs for "semiconductor fabrication", so I'm sure they're in that game).

IIRC the Russians had purpose-built their own ASICs to break DES when it was en-vouge .. I'm sure our side of the pond actively does the same.

Sneakier mice, better mousetraps.
Lather, rinse, repeat.


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University