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Re: good troll, intelligence psyops, or the genuine article? you decide

On Thu, 2009-09-17 at 15:59 -0400, Brian Mearns wrote:
> Could you explain what psyops refers to? Psychological operations? If
> I understand correctly, you're suggesting that perhaps he/his
> organization doesn't really have all the capabilities he implies, but
> that they're trying to scare people away from using technologies they
> can't beat? 

I am suggesting that his "organization", if "he" has one, has the
objective of lowing the usage rate of anonymity technology and is
attempting to do so by smearing it on Reddit. I think this is likely
because recently, anonymity technology has been portrayed favorably on

That's an objective, not a motive, mind. The OP could be anyone from a
secret black helicopter lizard to a lone crusader against CP. I just
don't believe the claims put forward and think that it is more likely
that the appearance of a surveillance insider *now* is due to the recent
attention paid to anonymity tech on Reddit than pure coincidence.

I had a longer post, but I guess it got eaten by the list?

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