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Re: Repeatedly changing unique exit nodes

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 09:02:05AM +0200, László Monda wrote:
> I'd like to change exit nodes in every n secs in a way that I don't
> want the same exit node to be repeated within m secs.

You want to do non-standard things with your Tor. You should start by
looking at the control protocol specification, which lets you tell Tor
how to choose its paths:
and Torctl, a Python lib to help use the control protocol:

However, it won't be trivial. Mostly I hear requests like these from
people who only know a little bit of php, and they want to vote a thousand
times on some online survey, or spam a thousand website comment fields,
or other things like that. I have to say I'm not very sympathetic to
those goals.

Perhaps you have a use case in mind that would make people more excited
to see this happen? :)


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