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Re: How does Gmail know my local time zone (therefore ignoring the time zone of the Tor exit node) and what else can it see?

On Sun, 05 Sep 2010 19:55 +0100, "Matthew" <pumpkin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>   Hello,
> I have yet another question that relates to the effectiveness of Tor.
> Gmail (and therefore presumably other webmail operators) knows my 
> computer's time zone.  It does not know the time per se but the "time
> zone" 
> as set (in Ubuntu) through clicking on the clock, selecting preferences, 
> then choosing location.
> Obviously this ignores the time (based on the location) of the Tor exit
> node.
> I do not know how Gmail knows my computer's time zone, and, in which
> case, 
> what other "local" information it can know.
> Does anyone know how Gmail can do this and what other information from
> the 
> client computer can be viewed.  In other words, why can Gmail not, in 
> theory, also view the real local IP?
> Thanks.

Did you select a time zone when you set up the account?
I assume you are using Torbutton, which blocks Javascript being used to
read your local clock.

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