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Re: Tor Browser Bundle for Mac OS X released


Thanks for providing a Browser Bundle for Mac OS X!

Extension Security is not enabled by default in the Bundle. I suggest it beeing turned on by default.

I would like to suggest for discussion to include the following Firefox extensions:

SSL Blacklist:
Checks for SSL Certificates with weak keys and MD5 signed certificates.
IIRC this is DNS based which is likely to be very slow due to high DNS latency with tor.

Only loads Flash content after user interaction, or from whitelist.
(I am aware that Torbutton should deactivate all Plug-Ins including Flash.)

Certificate Patrol:
Alerts the user when sites present a new/unknown SSL certificate.

Best regards

On 15.09.2010, at 16:25, Erinn Clark wrote:

> The bundle comes with the following software:
> * Tor
> * Vidalia 0.2.10 -- cross-platform controller GUI for the Tor software
> * Polipo -- caching web proxy
> * Firefox/Namoroka 3.6.9 -- web browser
> * Torbutton 1.2.5 -- Firefox extension to enable or disable the browser's use of Tor
> * NoScript -- Firefox extension to only allow scripts from trusted sites
> * HTTPS-Everywhere 0.2.2 -- Firefox extension to provide encryption to a major number of websites
> This is a beta version which has primarily been tested on an i386 Leopard machine.
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